The Agarw-ud project was born in 2016 from the ideal clash and union between past and contemporary.
The aesthetic figure is the result of a delicate refinement of the tribe aspects of our century.
The primitivity that still contaminates our world today is extracted and adapted to the urban environment, to allow a continuous exchange of energies between progress and conservation. Agarw-ud expresses luxury in a poetic and delicate way by reinterpreting essential elements of men’s clothing according to a subjective vision of the man of our time.
Eclectic, minimalist and transformist, who wears Agarw-ud certainly has a particular vision of contemporary fashion, loves the unique detail of its kind, is updated on trends but, does not suffer the excessive influence, makes them his own and reinterprets them, never renouncing the elegance of simplicity.


Angelica bolzan and Filippo Murat are two fashion designers who share a passion for luxury made in Italy; members and co-founders of the Agarw-ud brand. Filippo Murat with his sartorial experience and the masculine elegance of other times joins Angelica Bolzan, advertising graphics with the attitude for the cleanliness of forms and for the most eclectic minimalism, in the concretion of a strong and decisive style, expressed through the interpenetration of their subjectivity.

“Why this clash?”

“- Italy is our home, it is our land and it has always been very important to try to enhance it in our garments; this can be better expressed through the fabric, the button or the general style depending on the collection. We remain, however, two lovers of beauty in a wider sense; we recognize the wonder and the high manufacturing of every nation; in every journey we are totally kidnapped by the culture in which we decide to enter. For this reason, in every collection, we are inspired by a culture, a journey, a tribe; we are more than ever attracted by the combination that can be created between different ways of living and Italy.”


Agarw-ud is a project that believes, first of all, in the high Italian manufacturing that is the basis on which every single collection is conceived. The ultimate goal is always to create a product that represents the excellence of Made in Italy. Agarw-ud talks about REAL MADE IN ITALY because he wants to be totally transparent with his customers and to ensure that every single step in the making of the garment, including the raw material, is produced or processed in Italy by leading companies in the sector.
Each season includes collaboration with Italian artisans to ensure that the brand has the right uniqueness that requires luxury; for this reason every piece of the collection has a serial number that identifies it.


The project does not want to isolate itself to the mere sphere of men’s clothing but starts from the latter to develop collections adaptable to women. Agarw-ud focuses on high tailoring, attention to detail and the uniqueness of materials, but even more believes in breaking down the boundaries between men’s and women’s clothing by creating an androgynous woman, lover of tailoring and classic forms. The woman who proposes the brand is a woman cosmopolitan, metropolitan, contemporary and design lover. In fact, all the garments presented have the possibility to be worn, with the right size development, both by the man and by the woman, precisely thanks to the aesthetic figure given by the shapes and details.
An idea born from the need to create a versatile product but at the same time comfortable, so as to represent the will to merge and revolutionize the product man and woman. It is not a simple product, it requires strong personality to be worn; the woman who decides to dress Agarw-ud loves to interpret her femininity
breaking the stereotypes associated, since always, with the female figure.