Founders Angelica and Filippo share a love for tailoring, art, architecture and people. The story began with the desire to carry on the Ital ian trad ition of beauty.

After working in two different companies, they felt strongly that this was the right time to show their vision on men’s and women’s clothing.

Both united by a passion for different cultures in the world, they have given their brand a cosmopolitan vision, always starting from the Italian tailoring tradition.


Agarw-ūd is a contemporary fashion brand based in Milan, Italy.
The brand creates a curated range of trans-seasonal pieces, made to last through the seasons.Our garments are designed to create a personal and timeless wardrobe.
We have created a range of essentials. These items do not conform to seasons and are available throughout the year. Signature pieces that give enduring style without being complicated.

Quality is fundamental for the value of the brand and to respect the environment by trying to reduce the impact that fast fashion has on it. We carefully take sustainability into account with the materials we source, use and re-purpose.

The materials we choose have a major impact on the quality and thus the lifespan of the clothing. Continuity is also extremely important to us in design, so when we find a reliable material, we continue to work with that fiber for future collections.
Our responsibility starts right from the collection’s design phase. When selecting the fabrics, we strive to use certified qualities.


The private atelier Agarw-ud is located in the heart of the city of Milan. On the sixth floor of a building of 1960, Angelica and Filippo, have recreated an intimate atmosphere reminiscent more of a tailor’s house than an office, receive their most loyal customers between cloth and coffee establishing with each person a confidential relationship that allows you to feel completely at ease.
People are at the heart of Agarw-ud, the relationship with their customers has always been the most important point of the brand’s philosophy because getting a tailor-made suit is so personal that you need extreme trust from both sides.