Agarw-ud strongly believes that every person is unique. For this reason, when a client requests it, the garments are adapted with the custom. The two founders came spontaneously to adopt this approach because individual uniqueness is always at the center of the brand.
After having lived these two difficult years that have kept us away from each other, Agarw-ud decided to enter people’s homes, not only with the launch of his own ecommerce but also with the tailor-made service at home.


The Agarw-Ūd project has primary collaboration with Italian companies and artisans at the basis of its purpose.
The brand invests in Made in Italy, operating according to ethical standards and allowing it to work in a sustainable and ethical way.
Another prerogative of the brand is to work closely with the selected companies, establishing usual relationships with the people who make them up, allowing the creation of a brand that goes beyond the mere product, more attentive to the people who make it, supporting the communities and preserving them experience in craftsmanship.

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